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Our Story

One lazy afternoon on a holiday, Amit discovered to his horror that some people from the very community he was living in had destroyed an enormous bee hive using pest control measures. This incident affected Amit to no end, the sheer lack of awareness and imagined fear had resulted in the destruction of a whole colony of bees. And that was the beginning of a long journey.

Amit took it upon himself to travel the length and breadth of the country to learn techniques to handle bees of varied species and more about the important role these bees played in our eco-system.

This was when Amit realized that his calling in life was conservation of honey bees. He started holding awareness sessions in schools, colleges, corporate and other institutions. He also started providing services for relocation of hives and non-violent harvesting of honey. This was the beginning of Bee Basket.

Along with the conservation of bees, our objective at Bee Basket is to infuse raw honey in its purest form into your daily lifestyle for a healthier living.

Bee Basket’s honey is procured from prime sources, where no unethical, or unnatural practices are deployed. The honey is harvested without destroying the bee hive, enabling bees to use the same hive. The honey is tested for purity and packed hygienically ensuring you have on your table, the best honey money can buy.

Why should you choose honey?
Genuine honey
Honey color, aroma & taste differ based on flowering sources used by bees. No added sugar, flavour or preservatives.
Natural honey
Pure natural honey helps in maintaining good health and curing diseases.
We respect Nonviolence
Honey is extracted without killing bees and destroying hives.
Premium quality honey
Contains richness of nutrients. Crystallization of honey is a natural process without affecting honey quality.
Scientifically tested
Honey is properly tested & released after acquiring necessary certifications.
You can select the delivery frequency that best fits your needs.
Our Team
we are all nature lovers
Amit Godse
Amit Godse

Amit is a Mechanical Engineer from Raipur, founder & CEO of Bee Basket. He is an environmentalist by heart & also works on sustainability of mother earth.

 Priya Phulambrikar
Priya Phulambrikar

Priya Phulambrikar is into nature protection and conservation activities. Honeybee conservationist. Website content writer. Spreads awareness about bees by writing articles, giving talks, etc.

Tushar Sarode
Tushar Sarode

Tushar Sarode, a filmmaker working on Environmental Documentaries & closely associated with Bee Basket as a Passionate social Media Manager

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