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Support Bee Basket
We appreciate a helping hand!

You can help Bee Basket in many ways as below

  • You can plant Bee-friendly plants in your gardens, farms, housing societies, residential complexes, schools, colleges, nearby hills, etc.
  • You can keep bee boxes in your terrace gardens, farms, etc.
  • Bees are sensitive to harsh chemicals.
    • If you are into gardening, you can stop the use of harmful chemicals on your garden plants.
    • If you are into farming, you can adopt natural or organic farming practices.
  • Ideally you can start living toxin-free lifestyle as much as possible for the sake of environment and for leading healthy life.
  • You can do volunteering for Bee Basket and motivate more and more people to save bees and protect our environment.
  • You can buy Bee Basket products like Raw Honey. Because when you buy any Bee Basket product, you are helping Bee Basket to save honeybees.
  • You can invite Bee Basket team for taking honeybee awareness session/workshop in your area.

Interested in supporting!