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The Bees and Me!🐝🐝🌳🐝🐝 🌻🐝🐝🌸🐝🐝🌺🐝🐝🌳🐝🐝

Homo sapiens are blessed with supreme brain power and hence, we know how to make the best possible use of other natural elements. And this applies to honey bees as well.
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Sundarbans! the very name spells exotica. Yes, there are Sundari trees and the drive through a sleepy village at the border is so beautiful it takes your breath away.
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This World Bee Day, here are some initiatives for conserving bees

Saving the world one bee at a time is 33-year-old Amit Godse. A resident of Pune, Amit heads a company called Bee Basket that relocates beehives from buildings and offices to safer and isolated places.
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Importance of Urban Beekeeping

Bee pollination service results into the decrease in environmental pollution with an increase in overall biodiversity of home gardens or farms and its surrounding areas where actual beekeeping is being done.
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The ‘Pollen’ Bee

It was a rainy morning and we almost called off our trip! But the weather cleared and we set off under an overcast sky. Although the focus was birds, our trail was enough to make one a macro maniac ! This bee (Rock Bee or the Giant Honey  Bee – Apis dorsata) was hovering close to...
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The beehive lost

The bees had arrived on the balcony as a surprise; it’s a pity they were lost One muggy evening in March, my better half called me out while picking up clothes which she had left for drying in the morning. “There is something weird on the clothes drying stand.” She couldn’t figure out what it...
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Journey of Organic Farming by a dedicated Karmayogini – Geeta Deshmukh

Only once in a long while do we bump into exceptional characters doing dedicated work in their chosen fields. Geetatai Deshmukh is one such Karmayogini who breathes the mantra of Bhagvad Gita – Do your job, dedicate it to Nature! Annadata Movement offered an opportunity to better understand her work in the domain of organic farming. Geetatai’s childhood...
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The Benefits of Honey

Is honey good for you? If taken the right way, yes, honey can be immensely beneficial for the system, especially for the circulatory system. So how exactly is honey good for you and what’s the right way to consume it? Let’s see what yogi and mystic, Sadhguru has to say. Sadhguru: Honey is a substance...
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Bee in safe hands

Amit Godse is on a quest to save bees by relocating them and motivating people to keep bees for honey in their gardens Studies suggest that bees are disappearing at a rapid rate in India. Should we be worried? The disappearance of bees has particularly alarming implications for human existence. Honey bees play a very...
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Uttarakhand traditional honey harvesting and life in modern times

Mohana village is a tiny village of around hundred and fifty families nestled in the folds of the Himalayas. This village is situated in a region called the Jaunsar Bawar in the Chakrata district of Dehradun. Being cut off from the surroundings, this region retains a unique socio cultural identity quite distinct from other Himalayan...
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