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Frequently Asked Questions
What is meant by 'Raw Honey' ?
Raw Honey is the honey that has not been heated, pasteurized or processed in any way. In short, raw honey is the honey which we get as it is from the bee hive.
Why raw honey is considered as precious?
Ancient Indian text of Ayurveda prescribes consuming raw honey for maintaining good health. Ayurveda doctors suggest honey should not be processed. Because processing the pure natural honey kills its inherent medicinal properties.
How does Bee Basket Honey differ from other honey available in the market?
Bee Basket Honey is not a flavoured honey but it is purely a floral honey.This honey can be unifloral or multifloral depending on the flowering sources visited by honeybees. Also, honey colour, aroma and taste differ according to flowering sources. Honey colour may vary from light to dark in different shades.
What are the other specialities of this honey?
Bee Basket Honey is harvested from the hives by using the scientific method. In this method, bees, larvae, and eggs existing in the hives are not killed by squeezing the hives. While harvesting the honey, some honey portion is kept in the hives for bees. Many times, Bee Basket Honey is bought from the tribals in the forest who are trained by Bee Basket. In this way, Bee Basket provides employment to tribals by buying back honey from them.
Why crystallization of honey occurs during cold season?
Due to cold weather, honey gets granulated. However, crystallization of honey is a natural process and it does not affect the quality of honey. If the honey is crystallized, you can keep that honey bottle in sunlight or in hot water till the honey completely liquifies and gets back to original texture.
Is it okay to keep the honey bottle in the refrigerator?
Honey becomes crystallized if it is stored in a refrigerator.There is no need to store the honey in the refrigerator as honey does not get expired. Honey itself is a natural preservator which is best kept at normal/room temperature.
Is it okay to cook this honey at high temperature?
Cooking honey or baking with it should be avoided. It contributes to ill health as it directly affects the digestive system. However, you can put together honey and lemon juice in slightly warm/lukewarm water and drink it as a health drink.
Can I give this honey to my child who is still six-month old baby?
Modern doctors say that honey should not be given to infants and children under one year of age as it can cause infant botulism. However, children of age two years and above develop helpful bacteria in their intestines which act as defense mechanism against the harmful spores that can cause infant botulism. It is recommended to consult a pedeatrician before giving honey to children.
Is it okay for a diabetic to consume honey?
Since honey has astringent effect, it acts as medicine in treating diabetes mellitus. Also, it is said that Jamun honey is allowed for diabetics. However, it is recommended to consult your physician and consume the honey under medical supervision.
Why this honey is bit more expensive?
As this honey is extracted using scientific techniques and thereafter tested at authorized laboratories, the market price of this honey tends to be bit higher. But looking at multiple health benefits which we get by its regular consumption, the price is quite affordable.
Bee Hive Relocation Service
Do you provide bee hive relocation service?
Yes, we move unwanted bee hives and relocate those at safer place. Bee Basket always makes efforts to save the honey bees as much as possible.
Is it a free service?
No. It is a paid service since we put our efforts, time, knowledge and skills into it.
What are the charges for this service?
Even though it is a professional service, we take nominal charges. Our charges are based on the type of bee hive, exact hive location and area.
We want to get rid of a bee hive hanging on a branch of tree in our garden
Please send us a clear picture of the bee hive in question with details like its short description (how old is the hive, what kind of trouble you are having from those bees, where and on what height that hive is located, etc.), your contact details (name, phone no., address, etc.).
May I know your contact details with respect to relocation service?
You may write to us at [email protected] OR you can contact us on mobile phone no.830 830 000 8.