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Honeybee Awareness
Importance of honeybees
In order to reach people from different walks of life, Amit Godse and Bee Basket team take Honeybee Awareness sessions at various places like schools, colleges, corporate offices, government offices, environment groups, housing societies, etc. These interactive sessions are extremely helpful in changing the outlook of people towards bees and environment. It makes them responsible citizens who are sensitive towards other elements in nature. Apart from sessions, Bee Basket conducts honeybee workshops for children and adults under awareness campaign. This activity has started since last year from children's workshop. These workshops are not only informative and educative but it includes a lot of fun and enjoyment.

By conducting such awareness sessions and workshops, Bee Basket has become successful in overcoming people's fear regarding honeybees. If you want to invite Bee Basket to conduct awareness session, workshop, etc., please feel free to contact us at

Mobile No. +918308300008 OR send an Email to [email protected]