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Hari Om!
Bee Basket Enterprises, Pune helped us with removal of two bee hives formed by wild rock bees at our Vision Center, Chinmaya Vibhooti, Kolwan, Taluka Mulshi, District Pune. Amit and his team did the work in a most satisfactory manner.  It was particularly notable that the work was done without hurting the bees at all.
– In His Service, Ravindra Nene, Chinmaya Mission (Chief Executive Officer)

Flowering plants and insects evolved hand in hand. We are so much dependant on flowering plants as our food source and these plants are dependant on insects and bees in particular for their propagation. So at least out of our selfish motive, we should conserve bees. Bee Basket, headed by Amit is doing commendable work to conserve this very important link in the ecosystem.Their work has definitely changed the attitude of many to look at this small but vital organism. Wishing Amit and his team all the very best to continue their mission.
– Prof.S.D.Mahajan (Senior Botany and Zoology Teacher)
Amit treats a bee hive like a precious work of art , with utmost gentleness and focussed passion. I have had the pleasure of seeing him work on a hive. The bees could not be in better hands!!
– Meher Mathrani (Animal Welfare Officer(H) and Head, AACT India)
AACT INDIA (Action for Animals Against Cruelty and Trauma)
In the technology-driven world of today, it is hardly surprising that citizens are neither aware nor sensitive to nature. Charismatic fauna like tigers and Rhinos can capture our attention, but the tiny honey bees can hardly attract anyone.  Because of large-scale neglect, the human race is on the verge of losing a species critical to our existence. With this background,  The work being done by Amit and his team is highly commendable. They are not only spreading awareness, but also doing hands-on work, which is the most important part. Thanks to them, citizens are slowly realizing the role of bees. This will no doubt, be useful in the conservation of honeybees.
– Gurudas Nulkar (Strategy and General Management (Head of the Department, Symbiosis), Professor of Environmental Sustainability)
Honeybees kiss the flowers and nurture the nature.Thanks to Amit, Priya and all Bee Basket team for conserving nature by becoming friends of bees!
– Ms.Ushaprabha Page (Retired Director of All India Radio, Mountaineer, Nature Lover)
Hats off to Amit and his team for their phenomenal dedication and passion about conservation of honeybees and creating much-needed awareness about it. We need much more Amits if we have to conserve this very important but equally neglected creature of the ecosystem.
– Dr.Parag Mahajan (Radiologist, M.Sc.(Botany))
Mr.Amit Godse has been managing our several bee colonies at 350 acre Symbiosis Lavale Campus efficiently and in an extremely eco-friendly manner not causing any damage to the bees or inconvenience to the student community.
– Col.Atholi (Campus Administrator)

When I started using Bee Basket honey, I realized the stark difference between the processed and unprocessed honey. The processed honey that we normally buy from the market is way different than the Bee Basket honey. The Bee Basket honey is definitely much tastier. I would like to continue using this honey; not because it is tasty and unprocessed but the way of procuring it. The method of procuring it is non-violent. The Bee Basket movement recognizes the importance of the existence of bees. How important are bees in an ecosystem, and their valuable functional role in pollination of both wild plants and agriculture? Bee Basket is doing a great job of rescuing natural honeycombs and correctly relocating them. The other important activity is through teaching Bee Basket is spreading the concept of bee conservation. Bravo! Keep it up! Bee Basket, your work is extremely important for our natural heritage.

-Dr. Swati Gole (Founder of The Ecological Society, Pune)

My family and I have been using Bee Basket Honey since long time. This honey is one of its kind. Now I know what PURE honey tastes, smells, feels like. The use of this honey in various ways has helped improve my family’s health immensely. Now there are no more visits to the doctor. Thank you BEE BASKET!

– Pushkar Kulkarni (B.Sc. Chemistry, Freelance Portfolio Manager and Follower of Padmashree Subhash Palekar)

I remember the work presented by Amit Godse and his team on bees, their behavior, their organizational behavior, their colony and effort on bee conservation. We had arranged a special session on bee conservation and bee behavior on the 6th February 2017. the session was organized for the S.Y.B.Sc students (who have Apiculture as a special paper) and for the senior college teachers of Zoology.The efforts of Mr. Amit Godse were greatly appreciated in the areas of bee conservation, bee relocation, bees and their role in nature, and in the environment. The honey extraction procedures practiced by Bee Basket promote the colony growth as it neither kills the eggs nor it harms the worker bees. I was the Head of the Department of Zoology and as a subject teacher feel that experts like Amit Godse should be consulted in designing the Apiculture syllabus by the Board of Studies in Zoology. Wishing him and his team All the Best to promote Apairy and Bee Conservation.

– Prof. Mr. Peeyush Pahade
Head, Department of Zoology Haribhai. V. Desai College, Pune – 2

I just love the Bee Basket spirit behind offering non-violent honey. This unprocessed honey tastes great and just melts in the mouth.

– Hemal Patel (Software Engineer and Teacher of Organic Gardening)

I use whatever seasonal honey available from Bee Basket. I use it in whatever sweet I eat. I daily consume this honey. I find it great! It makes my day more tasty and healthy!

– Dr.Mrs.Medha S.Ambike (M.D.)

Bee Basket Honey is a Nature’s Boon to us. All our family members love this honey and especially my granddaughter is crazy about this honey for its freshness and original taste. Being a child she also can make out the difference between Bee Basket Honey and usual commercial processed honey. We really enjoy this healthy honey in many ways in our diet. It is thick in its consistency and has nice natural color. I Congratulate Bee Basket team for their genuine efforts and passion.

– Bharati Kelkar (Retired Banker, Nature Lover and Trekker)