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Bee in safe hands

Amit Godse is on a quest to save bees by relocating them and motivating people to keep bees for honey in their gardens Studies suggest that bees are disappearing at a rapid rate in India. Should we be worried? The disappearance of bees has particularly alarming implications for human existence. Honey bees play a very...
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Uttarakhand traditional honey harvesting and life in modern times

Mohana village is a tiny village of around hundred and fifty families nestled in the folds of the Himalayas. This village is situated in a region called the Jaunsar Bawar in the Chakrata district of Dehradun. Being cut off from the surroundings, this region retains a unique socio cultural identity quite distinct from other Himalayan...
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Importance of Bee Pollination

About 15 billion years ago the 'Big Bang' happened and the universe came into existence. It is said that our earth has originated about 4.6 billion years ago. And then gradually the life on earth came into existence. Researchers say that the amazing insects called 'Honey bees' exist on this earth even before the start of the human evolution.
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