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Stingless Bees & Urban Beekeeping

Do you believe if we say that these bees are stingless? Won’t you get shocked and utter with disbelief… honey bees and stingless??? Yes, friends! This time we at Bee Basket have decided to introduce yourselves to stingless bees and its various uses to us. So, do attend our one-of-its-kind session to know more on...
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One person’s pest is other’s pet

Meeting a city-based bee conservationist was a real eye-opener The beginning of a bee hive — about lemon-sized — suddenly made itself known in an enclosed sit-out of our home. All Pune residents are familiar with this word ‘sit-out’ — glorious little open-to-thesky spots that the builder hard-sells to you. By the time you move...
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Honey, I save the bees!

Amit Godse quit his high-paying software job with a large MNC to save the honeybees. His team removes and relocates the beehives without killing the bees. This young man from Pune (India) has an interesting story to share with My Zen Path readers. In this first MyZenPath Exclusive I have personally met and interviewed Amit...
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