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Honey, I save the bees!

Amit Godse quit his high-paying software job with a large MNC to save the honeybees. His team removes and relocates the beehives without killing the bees. This young man from Pune (India) has an interesting story to share with My Zen Path readers.

In this first MyZenPath Exclusive I have personally met and interviewed Amit and sharing his story here. I am glad it is starting with Amit Godse, a first-generation entrepreneur who is not only following his own heart, but also saving the honeybees which are crucial for the environment.

Amit’s story is quite intriguing because he quit his job instinctively to learn more about honeybees in order to save them. He learnt about bees, relocating their beehives, he learnt about building his own business over the years as he stayed with the question that disturbed him: Can I do something for these honeybees which get killed unnecessarily?

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