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Beekeeping for a healthy ecosystem

Innovator: Amit Godse
Occupation: Beekeeper
Location: Pune, Maharashtra

Many a times, we are faced with such incidents that give rise to the feeling of uncertainty in our lives. Well, human life is anyway full of uncertainties. Such incidents or situations often change the course of our life but they also leave behind a lot of learning and experience for us. It is, therefore, important to take careful notes of these incidents or situations and then reflect upon oneself. But this can only happen if one leads his/her life in such a way that they truly experience every moment, going beyond the conventional “right” and “wrong”.

Who knows what experience may change the course of our life or give a new meaning to our life. Something similar happned with our next ‘parinda’ a few years ago, thus, changing the course of his life’s journey and giving a new meaning and mission to it.

Amit Godse, like most youngsters, had completed engineering and joined a big company. He was earning well and had bought a place for his family in Pune. However, there was a big beehive in the building, and scared residents had called pest control personnel who set fire to the hive, killing thousands of bees at once.

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