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This techie quit a high-paying job to conserve bees

Amit Godse is on a quest to save bees by relocating them and motivating people to keep bees for honey in their gardens. Studies suggest that bees are disappearing at a rapid rate in India. Should we be worried? The disappearance of bees has particularly alarming implications for human existence. Honeybees play a very important role in preserving the biodiversity of nature. Bees are pollinators and many crops, vegetables, and fruit-bearing trees depend on bees to reproduce. As high as 80 percent pollination is achieved with the help of bees alone!

Pune’s tussle with bees

In growing cities such as Pune, rampant, unregulated construction activities leading to encroachment on and destruction of green cover is spelling doom for honeybees. As a result, the bees move to the cities, occupying nooks and crannies of high-rise buildings at the beginning of the spring season when they are desperate to pick nectar and form colonies.

Most of us know very little about bee behaviour. So when these bees, attracted to light, enter our houses at night, we perceive them as a threat and summon pest control to smoke them out, burning their hives and killing a large number in the process.

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