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Khajur Cashewnut Ladoo

  • Ingredients:-
    • # 2 bowls black dates/Khajur
    • # 1 teaspoon organic honey (preferably raw)
    • # 1/4th bowl cashewnuts
    • # 1 tablespoon desi cow ghee
    • # 2 teaspoons organic honey 
  • Method:-
    • (1) Remove seeds from black dates. Grind the seedless dates in a blender till it becomes like dough.
    • (2) Make fine powder of cashewnuts in the blender. 
    • (3) Put kadai on stove and pour ghee in it. Boil the ghee for two minutes on medium flame till it becomes liquid. Put blended dates in that kadai. Stir well for two minutes. Add cashewnut powder to it. Stir it well.Then add organic honey. Again stir it for a minute.
    • (4) Turn off the flame.
    • (5) Once the mixture becomes moderately cool,  make small balls/ladoos. Here you get sweet and healthy Khajur Cashewnut Ladoos!
  • Tips:-
    • 1.You can add little jaggery instead of honey.
    • 2. You can skip honey and jaggery if you want to make it simple and less sweeter.
    • 3. You can add other dry fruits and raisins of your choice.

Written by Priya Phulambrikar   
Team Bee Basket 
Founder, Green Birds Initiative

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