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Green Leafy Vegetable Smoothie

  • Ingredients:-
    • # 10 leaves of spinach with stems
    • # 1 ripe banana
    • # 10 leaves of karipatta
    • # 5 leaves of tulasi
    • # 1 teaspoon organic honey (preferably raw)
    • # 1 teaspoon lemon juice
    • # Rock salt to taste
    • # A pinch of black pepper
    • # A pinch of cinnamon powder

Makes 1 serving

  • Method:-
    • (1) Wash spinach leaves by using normal water and then chop them finely.
    • (2) Make small pieces of karipatta and tulasi leaves.
    • (3) Cut the banana into small pieces.
    • (4) Mix all these ingredients and put them into a blender. Add lemon juice, rock salt, black pepper and cinnamon powders to it. Blend it well. 
    • (5) Once all ingredients are properly blended, put one glass of drinking water to it. Again blend it well for two minutes. 
    • (6) Pour the mixture into a drinking vessel and add honey to it. Stir well.

Your Green Leafy Vegetable Smoothie is ready to drink!

  • Tips:-
    • 1. Take this healthy smoothie during morning time after doing daily exercises.
    • 2. Always consume the smoothie as soon as it is prepared. Otherwise, it tends to become thick and will lose its taste and nutrients.
    • 3. Never strain the smoothie because we need to consume fibres too.

Organic Recipes by Priya Phulambrikar
  Team Bee Basket
  Founder, Green Birds Initiative

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